Womens Faith-Inspired Rings

Our Women’s Faith-Inspired Rings are beautifully made in 14 and 18 carat Rose, Yellow, and White Gold, as well as Sterling Silver.

Each faith-inspired women’s Ring is a stunning, modern interpretation of an ancient Christian Symbol, all proudly made in the USA.  Wear a Symbol of your faith. Enjoy Free Ground Shipping to all 50 states.


Rings have become a symbol of wealth and power. However, the deeper meaning of rings starts with its shape.  A never-ending circle, without beginning or end, worn openly on the finger representing a covenant or vow.

Several times in Scripture, God describes his chosen people as his signet ring, a visual reminder of his power, and the value he placed on them (Jer. 22:24; Hag. 2:23).  In this way, God told his people that he “wore” his promises to them and would never forget them.